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The Margin

‘Please delete this tweet’: Youngest person in modern history to be elected to Congress celebrates win with Trump-style Twitter trolling

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Congressman-elect Madison Cawthorn.

Republican National Convention arrangements committee

Madison Cawthorn, a fresh-faced member of the Republican Party, just beat out his Democratic rival in North Carolina’s 11th congressional district on Tuesday night to become, at just 25, the youngest member of the U.S. Congress in the modern era.

William Charles Cole Claiborne was the youngest congressman ever, but that was in 1797, according to CNN. More recently, New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez claimed the title after being at the age of 29. Judging from Cawthorn’s celebratory tweet, which quickly made the rounds across Twitter TWTR, -0.88%, he might want to work on his statesmanship:

The reaction, even among some supporters, was swift:

As for Cawthorn’s policy preferences, he’s described as fiscally conservative, anti-abortion, pro-gun and an immigration hardliner. On his website he’s called a “constitutional conservative … committed to defending the values of faith, family and the freedom that have made America great.”

This isn’t the first time that Cawthorn has faced a backlash on social media. Here he is sharing photos on Instagram of his “bucket list” visit to Adolf Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” vacation home:

Here’s what his competition in the House race had to say about that post:

At the time, Cawthorn responded in a statement to CNN that accused Davis of promoting “conspiracy theories” and of “bigotry.” Cawthorn, who was partially paralyzed in a car accident years ago, is the owner of a real-estate investment company and a motivational speaker.

In a more recent tweet, Cawthorn was much more magnanimous:


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