NRx Pharmaceuticals Shares Rise 22% After Positive Data for Covid-19 Treatment

By Chris Wack


NRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. shares were 22% higher at $11.53 early Thursday, after the publication of peer-reviewed results from a prospective, open-label, administratively controlled trial of aviptadil for the treatment of respiratory failure in patients with critical Covid-19.

The company said the study reported 60-day survival in 81% of those treated with aviptadil, compared with 21% survival among those who received standard of care treatment at the Houston Methodist Hospital. A similar nine-fold advantage was seen in the cumulative probability of recovery from respiratory failure, it said.

The study appeared in the Journal of Infectious Diseases and Treatment.

NRx said patients enrolled in this study were at the highest possible risk for death based on serious comorbidities that rendered them ineligible for participation in the Phase 2b/3 pivotal study of aviptadil for the treatment of Covid-19 with respiratory failure. Patients in the study failed to respond to all treatments approved for Covid-19 during the first surge of the pandemic in the summer of 2020.

The primary endpoint was survival as measured by Kaplan Meier life table.


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