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More on Social Security

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Find out what Social Security knows about you

Get familiar with this important resource .

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The messy math of Social Security, spousal benefits and when to claim

Your Social Security benefit calculation is based on more than your lifetime earnings.

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When should I claim Social Security? The dilemma and the strategy

You can backdate your Social Security --- but should you?

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Don’t let a Social Security employee advise you on what could be one of the most important decisions of your life

Bad advice or one mistake can cost you thousands in retirement. Make sure you know what you're eligible for and what you want before claiming.

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This is why Congress needs to act on Social Security — right now

Social Security is the No. 1 antipoverty program for seniors, children and veterans, says Social Security 2100 Act sponsor Rep. John Larson

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New proposal would improve Social Security’s finances and modestly enhance benefits

It also avoids the potential pitfalls of making benefit improvements temporary

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Medicare may stop short at covering your eyes — what can you do?

Want to keep your vision sharp? Take a hike

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Social Security redesigned your statement, here’s why you should take a long, hard look at it

They've made it easier to see how much you might collect, but experts have some criticisms.

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Social Security proposal would raise revenue and temporarily enhance benefits

Changes that expire in 5 years could create real problems

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Can Social Security afford all this federal spending?

Where do you think Congress finds the trillions to pay for these things?

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Seniors get the biggest Social Security raise in years — and it’s already been eaten up by inflation

There's no margin for error when inflation exceeds COLA

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What’s the best way to calculate Social Security’s COLA?

A price index for the elderly doesn’t always yield a higher number.

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The (secret) way we could save Social Security

Social Security is going to be vital to all but the very richest retirees

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4 major ways the Social Security 2100 Act would change benefits

Caregiver credits, increased minimum benefits and a switch in inflation adjustments are on the list

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Scary press reports of Social Security affect worker behavior

Media coverage could induce people to grab their benefits early, but don’t lead to more saving, experiment shows