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Is saving half your income hard? Saving 10% is even worse

It takes 4 1/2 years to build a six-month emergency fund at a 10% savings rate -- if you haven't had an emergency in the meantime. Now think about retirement.

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‘Until now, I’ve been waiting tables’: I’m 32, and just started a new job in a factory. I have a 401(k) and an emergency fund. What can I do to retire at 55?

'I think I'm on the right path, but I'm quickly becoming lost.’

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Planning to retire early? Watch out for these tax traps

Tax considerations would-be early retirees aren’t planning for

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The millions you save for retirement aren’t worth much if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it

Are you healthy enough to retire?

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Ethical investing is much easier than you think: 4 ways to fund your retirement and minimize harm to humanity

Your bank, your investments, and where you live can make a difference

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How this 38-year-old emerged from ‘deep poverty’ to achieve FIRE in his 30s as a multimillionaire landlord

Kevin 'KAYR' Robinson moved around so much growing up in Philadelphia, he says he 'got a PhD in being a tenant.'