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Have complicated finances? Want to retire sooner than later? Why you might consider a financial adviser

What services you need — and what to watch out for

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How higher taxes on the rich could affect your investment and financial goals

Consider tax-advantaged investments and other ways to make your portfolio more tax efficient.

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My second husband, 86, and I have 12 kids between us. He wants me to leave him everything — and says he will pass on the inheritance to my 5 children

‘He wants to leave the house to his children, but says if I outlive him I can live in it or rent somewhere if I wish to move.’

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My husband doesn’t get along with my son. I brought most of the wealth into our marriage. How do I split my estate?

‘My husband is more interested in dipping deep into our savings, and living it up in retirement while we are young enough to enjoy it.’

LPL Financial recruits Merrill Lynch advisor Josh Brown and team

It’s a big get for Strategic Wealth Services, which LPL launched last year with the goal of recruiting more wirehouse breakaways.

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How much could proposed estate tax changes affect you and your family?

There are two proposals to alter the way taxes are imposed on estates at death you'll want to know about: the estate tax exemption and the stepped-up basis rules.

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Here's how you can save money on capital-gains taxes when you sell your home

"My will gives my wife my house. When she sells after my death, how will her cost basis be determined?"

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A living will may be the most important document you sign

It gives you a voice when you no longer can express what you want

Morgan Stanley’s Anouchka Balog: Maneuvering for Inflation, Rising Rates

The Barron’s Hall of Fame advisor explains how she’s hardening client portfolios against rising inflation and interest rates. And she shares her plans for retirement she hopes will happen late in life.

Cartoon Characters: Why Advisors Are Creating Explainer Videos

The medium allows advisors to make a personal statement and deliver education directly to consumers.

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Americans are bracing for higher taxes under Joe Biden

The share of people making one particular tax-planning move soared last year.

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My parents want to use $300,000 in retirement savings to pay off $160,000 left on their home. Is that a good idea?

‘I would like to be able to help them financially and be their safety net, but my means are limited.’

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How to leave your home to a loved one with almost no drama

Passing on property depends on how the property is titled

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COVID-19 led to a rise of home funerals—this is what they’re like

Having a casket and funeral in your living room is legal in all 50 states. It can be a way for families to grieve together in familiar surroundings.

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Do I need a living will?

A will or trust allows you to recognize the important people in your life and can preserve family harmony

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‘They lease cars they can’t afford’: Our best friends share our pandemic pod, but they’re reckless spenders. Should we speak up?

‘We’ve been honest sounding boards during money fights, and we’ve offered to take savings/debt classes, but old habits die hard.’

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My father’s divorce decree says his kids will inherit his house — but he later put it in a trust for his third wife. Which one wins out?

‘My father says he feels very guilty about the entire situation.’

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How to prevent fraud from ruining your retirement

What to watch out for

How to Use the Tax Code to Save More, Pay Less, and Minimize Your Heirs' Burden

Tobias Financial Advisors' Marianela Collado shares tips on how to work within the system to manage and limit the IRS's claim on your earnings.

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Here’s when you need a will or living trust

Clear instructions and a way to ease your estate’s transfer lighten heirs’ burden