Best New Ideas in Money

Best New Ideas in Money

To change the world, we may need to change money first. Best New Ideas in Money explores innovations that rethink how we live, work, spend, save and invest. Each week, eLesor editor Jeremy Olshan and economist Stephanie Kelton will talk to leaders in business, tech, finance and government about the next phase of money's evolution, and meet real people whose lives are being changed as these new ideas are put to the test.


10/21/2021 3:00:01 AM

Hack your brain to fix your wallet

The new science of changing your behaviors around money, investing, and everything else.

10/14/2021 3:00:01 AM

Can your quirky personality stop a thief?

Innovations in behavioral biometrics will make it harder for fraudsters to impersonate you online, but these detailed profiles of our behaviors could get a little creepy.

10/7/2021 3:00:01 AM

How to turn every baby into a trust-fund baby

Baby Bonds get touted as a way to invest in the next generation, to give them a financial boost to pay for college, a down payment on a house, or even to secure a better retirement. Could they actually work?

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