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Your ultimate guide to trading terms | How to Invest: Ep. 7

Trading happens when stocks, bonds, or other investments are bought and sold. But what most people are surprised to learn is that there's a world o...

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What to know about fees in investing | How to Invest: Ep. 6

Fees can cut a hole in your investment money bags, making your hard-earned cash leak out over time. Here's what you need to know to understand the ...

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Pass the cream cheese and lox: Americans devoured 648 million bagels at restaurants in the past year

The COVID-19 pandemic has probably helped accelerate the bagel boom as Americans have turned to comfort foods.

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This 80-year-old Scotch could cost you more than $100,000, and is packaged in a special ‘oak pavilion’

Gordon & MacPhail releases Generations, a rare sip limited to 250 bottles

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Are you inheriting a house or retirement account from a loved one? Read this first

eLesor's Tax Guy suggests claiming basis step-up for inherited assets while it lasts.

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SpaceX Inspiration4 flight has raised $147M of its $200M goal for children’s cancer research

A fundraising campaign ending next February has brought in more than $47 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, on top of billionaire Jared Isaacman’s $100 million pledge.

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You’re suddenly rich — so how do you handle your money now?

The reality of managing, protecting and passing on your net worth can be daunting.

Do you have questions about inheritance, tipping, weddings, family feuds, friends or any tricky issues relating to manners and money? Send them to eLesor's Moneyist and please include the state where you live (no full names will be used).


Latest news and advice on travel

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Job hunters are putting their vaccination status on LinkedIn and on their résumés. Should you?

Figuring out when to disclose vaccination status — or ask about it — is a top new question for prospective employees and employers.

American Express stock rises to pace the Dow's gainers after BofA backs away from bearish stance

Shares of American Express Co. rose 0.8% in afternoon trading Thursday, enough to pace the Dow Jones Industrial Average gainers, after BofA Secur...

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7 tips to avoid getting COVID (or other illnesses) when you fly