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I’m a 75-year-old financially secure widow. Would it be a mistake to move in with my daughter and son-in-law?

'My daughter wants to build a home with two master suites. I have more than enough money for a down payment.'

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Even as interest rates tread water, the housing market could get a second wind

For over two months now, interest rates have barely budged, remaining well below 3%.

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Hollywood Superagent Ari Emanuel Selling Brentwood Home for $25.9M

The Hollywood superagent Ari Emanuel has left the building. The long-time Los Angeles home of the agent and his former wife, Sarah Hardwick Addington, has come on the market for $25.9 million.

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My son is an unemployed, disabled 36-year-old who couch-surfs with friends. Should I use my inheritance to help him buy a home?

'I believe in a living inheritance. Giving some money to my kids before I'm gone so I can see the benefits they are getting from it.'

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Everything you need to know about buying land and building a house from scratch in Chile

The ins and outs of buying land in a foreign country are complex, and Chile is no exception.

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My mother passed her condo onto me through a quitclaim process before she died. Do I owe any taxes on it?

'I was told by my income tax preparer that she should have paid some kind of a tax. But she never filed income taxes for years as she was not required to because of her low income.'

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Spurred on by the pandemic, more homeowners are selling to iBuyers — avoiding hordes of strangers traipsing around their house

It’s the latest chapter in the real-estate market’s pandemic saga.

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My wife and I have nearly $600,000 in our investment portfolio. Should we buy a home outright or get a mortgage?

'We think we know where and how much we want to spend on a house, but we don't know how we should buy that house.'

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Mortgage rates remain near record lows — so why are homebuyer applications falling?

Interest rates have barely budged in recent weeks, extending the opportunity for home buyers to lock in cheap financing.

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Reportedly Buy Beverly Hills Mansion for $10.2M

Nicole Richie and her husband, Joel Madden, have purchased a swanky Beverly Hills estate for $10.15 million, Dirt reported.