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California’s rising house prices increase the risk of more wildfires — and there could be devastating consequences

Last year, California experienced five of the six largest fires in the state’s history. The dynamics in the housing market mean that history could repeat itself.

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An inflation storm is coming for the U.S. housing market

Some economists suggest the government may be misunderstanding the size of the problem.

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Here are the best places to live in Italy for every budget

Italy provides something for everyone — from a budget retirement to a full-on dolce vita in an art city or a country villa.

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Our builder just abandoned us. Where can we buy a house now, with prices rising so fast?

'The contractor’s Realtor called us to say they were canceling our contract and refunding our money. We were shocked.'

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I live in Seattle, but it’s overrun with tech workers. Where can I move that has cheap homes — and fast internet speeds?

'We have a family member with a terminal illness and would like to get into a rambler making access easier — and hopefully we would have a smaller mortgage in the process.'

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Mortgage rates fell over the past week, despite inflation hitting a 13-year high. What’s going on?

‘The fact that rate movements don’t appear to be tied to any specific data or developments makes it difficult to chart their path forward.’

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Americans are moving, but there’s a ‘notable reversal’ in the types of homes they’re choosing

The U.S. real estate market is experiencing a ‘Great Reshuffling,’ a new report from Zillow says.

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Why wealthy second-home owners are buying on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore of Maryland has long been viewed as an economic and social backwater. These days, that’s turning out to be an attractive characteristic for families looking for vacation homes in secluded locations. The E...

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NBA Legend Dwyane Wade Sells His Miami Beach Mansion for $22M

The retired NBA star Dwyane Wade has scooped up a buyer for his Miami Beach mansion, the Wall Street Journal reported. He and his wife, the actress Gabrielle Union, have reportedly made a deal for $22 million.

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Nantucket’s short-term rental war is pitting ‘neighbor against neighbor’

Two wealthy summer residents led a battle over Article 90, a proposal that sought to cut the number and duration of vacation rentals allowed on the Massachusetts island