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U.S. Markets Overview

Ticker Name Last Chg Chg %
DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average 34935.47 -149.06 -0.42%
COMP NASDAQ Composite Index 14672.68 -105.59 -0.71%
SPX S&P 500 Index 4395.26 -23.89 -0.54%
RUT Russell 2000 Index 2226.25 -13.78 -0.62%
TMUBMUSD10Y U.S. 10 Year Treasury Note 1.22 -0.003

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More U.S. Market News

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Dow ends slightly lower after Fed leaves easy-monetary policies unchanged

U.S. stocks closed mixed Wednesday after the Federal Reserve said it would leave interest rates unchanged near zero and will keep its full range of tools at the ready to support the economic recovery.

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How China’s stock-market meltdown puts U.S. investors at risk

Our call of the day comes from The Market Ear blog, which points out big exposure among U.S. institutions to China.

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How the 10-year Treasury rate and S&P 500 performed when the Fed tapered in 2013

Investors expect more insights from the Federal Reserve this week about the future of its monthly $120 billion asset purchase program, using the 2013 'taper tantrum' as a potential guidepost for markets.

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Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq end at records ahead of Big Tech earnings, Fed meeting

Stock benchmarks book a string of records and 5 straight days of gains on Monday, as investors look ahead to a flood of earnings this week from Big Tech companies and await a meeting of Federal Reserve officials.

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Ahead of Tesla results, Cathie Wood says Wall Street’s valuing it all wrong

Our call of the day comes as investors wait for electric-vehicle giant Tesla to report later. Wall Street doesn't get it, says ARK's Cathie Wood.

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Here are Wall Street’s favorite big tech stocks as the Nasdaq closes in on another milestone

As the Nasdaq Composite Index nears 15,000, analysts see upside for Activision Blizzard, Netflix and Baidu, among others.

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U.S. stocks rise to all-time highs, as Dow closes above 35,000 for first time

Stocks finish at record highs Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average index closing above 35,000 for the first time, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite also at new highs, as investors cheer corporate earnings repo...

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Think this is a ‘weird market’ right now? Here’s more proof

To market veterans, talk of a stock-market “bottom” after a mere 3% pullback sounds odd, but that's the sort of world investors live in right now, says one chart watcher.

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An ‘above-average growth story’ is about to unfold. 3 stocks to play it from a top-performing fund manager.

Our call of the day comes from a fund manager who sees a growth story unfolding in quarters to come.

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This technical support shows the strength of the buy-the-dip force in markets

The firepower driving this market harder is a tough one to bet against.

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What junk bonds are signaling for this summer after Monday’s sharp rout

The riskiest part of the $10.7 trillion U.S. corporate bond market often serves as a warning signal for equites. Here is what the 'junk bond' market is saying now.

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From Bookseller to Blue Origin: A Look Back at the Career of Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos successfully completed the first manned mission of Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. In this video, WSJ looks back at the remarkable career of the world’s richest man. Photo: Jo...

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Here’s where JPMorgan is seeing stock bargains, as the bank lifts its end-year S&P 500 target to 4,600

Monday's rout has been followed by a small bounce, but no doubt nerves have been rattled. JPMorgan sees plenty of beaten-down stocks ripe for the picking.

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Oil drops under $70; U.S. prices post biggest one-day loss since September on COVID spread, OPEC+ deal

Sunday saw OPEC+ finally agree to a production deal, plus increases in baselines for several countries, but concerns over the spread of the COVID delta variant cloud the demand outlook. Oil futures on Monday mark their big...

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What to Know When Picking a Stock

According to a recent Charles Schwab survey, 15% of all U.S. stock market investors said they first began investing in 2020. Picking a stock, however, may not be as easy as it sounds. WSJ's Aaron Back explains the factors ...

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Why Democrats Are Using Budget Reconciliation to Pass Biden's Agenda

Budget reconciliation may offer Democrats a way to sidestep some partisan gridlock and advance President Biden’s policy objectives. WSJ explains how the process works and why divisions in the party could scuttle the proces...

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OPEC+ agrees to boost oil production, ending standoff between Saudi Arabia and UAE

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, including Russia, agree Sunday to further relax output curbs.

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Does the bond market have it wrong about inflation?

Beneath the surface of a relatively sanguine U.S. government-bond market is an undercurrent of worry.

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Why this Man Group managing director doesn’t ‘share the market’s confidence’ on inflation

The market appears to have accepted the Federal Reserve’s narrative that rising inflation will be temporary, but Man Group’s Peter van Dooijeweert is less sure.

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Two Infrastructure Bills Come Into Focus, but Challenges Remain

The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package and the $3.5 trillion Democratic healthcare and antipoverty plan will face obstacles as they make their way through Congress in tandem. WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib explains. Photo...