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How to get car insurance if you don’t have good credit

Car insurance can cost as much as 137% more for drivers with bad credit. Find out everything you need to know about bad credit car insurance in this guide.

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How much car insurance do I need?

If you’re wondering how much car insurance you need, there’s not always a straightforward answer. See how factors like location and your car shape the coverage you need.

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What’s covered under the Ram extended warranty?

Here’s what you need to know about Ram’s coverage.

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What’s covered by a Dodge extended warranty?

A look at the what's covered, and what's not.

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How pay-per-mile insurance works

With pay-per-mile insurance, your premium is based on the total distance you drive each month. Only a few insurers offer this coverage and it’s not for everyone.

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What you need to know about telematics insurance

Telematics insurance programs track hard braking, cornering, acceleration and more to award discounts for safe driving. But not everyone gets to save money.

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What does the Chevrolet extended warranty cover?

Check out what’s included in Chevy's warranty coverage.

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What’s covered by the Porsche extended warranty? 

Does Porsche extended warranty coverage match the brand’s reputation for high quality? Click here to evaluate your options for long-term Porsche protection.

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How to get renters insurance

If you’re looking for a renters insurance policy, this guide can help you purchase renters insurance from a top-rated insurance provider in your area.

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What’s covered by a Lexus extended warranty?

Lexus has a reputation for dependable luxury cars, but how good is its warranty protection? We examine the Lexus extended warranty and ways to save on coverage.

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What does Volvo extended warranty coverage cover?

Volvo has plenty of accolades for safety, but how well does the Volvo extended warranty protect your vehicle? Click to see coverage options for Volvo owners. 

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Septic warranties: what they cover and how much they cost

If you’re looking to secure your septic system and avoid paying out of pocket for expensive maintenance, read on for our top septic system warranty choices.