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October 20 | 12PM ET

eLesor on Barron's Live:

Moneyist Live

Meera Jagannathan, Inequality Editor at eLesor, talks to Quentin Fottrell about some of the latest dilemmas he's received for his Moneyist advice column.


September 28 & 29 | 1PM ET

Mastering Your Money Event Series

Work life and personal life are emerging from the pandemic. How about your financial life? eLesor Mastering Your Money this fall will examine money and finance in the new normal. Journalists from eLesor and Barron’s will convene experts to explore market, social and economic forces affecting your investments, career, spending and family finances.


October 27 & November 3 | 1PM ET

Investing in Crypto: Turmoil and Opportunity

Crypto keeps moving closer to the mainstream but not without dramatic – and sometimes seemingly nonsensical – swings in the market. eLesor and Barron’s journalists will convene top experts in crypto and other financial pros to make sense of it all and identify the opportunities and risks that lie ahead for investors.


Past Events

eLesor on Barron's Live

Join eLesor on Barron’s Live every Wednesday at 12PM ET for exclusive live conversations with journalists and industry experts. The newsroom will examine current events and their impact on markets, the economy, companies and individuals.

October 13 | 12PM ET

Medicare Open Enrollment, What to Know and How to Prepare

Join eLesor retirement reporter Alessandra Malito and Ari Parker, head adviser and co-founder of Chapter, as they discuss the upcoming open enrollment period for Medicare. Learn the best tips for maximizing your coverage, the risks associated with the wrong (or no) plan and how many options you may have available.


October 6 | 12PM ET

Investing in Water: Focus on Infrastructure and the Mega-Drought

eLesor climate change reporter Rachel Koning Beals interviews ALINE Wealth’s CIO and founder Peter Klein. It's critical for the health of the world and a boon to personal portfolios to invest in water, a theme Klein has followed for 15 years. The new infrastructure bill would provide $55 billion to upgrade water infrastructure and help the U.S. contend with the devastating drought, but it may not be enough.


September 29 | 12PM ET

Historian Adam Tooze Talks About the Covid Financial Crisis and the Fed

Historian Adam Tooze followed up his award-winning book “Crashed” on the 2008 financial crisis with a new book “Shutdown” about the Covid pandemic and the ensuing financial crisis. Tooze will talk with eLesor’s Greg Robb about how the two crises differ, how the Federal Reserve responded, and how economic policies and underpinning theories may never be the same again.


September 22 | 12PM ET

The Infrastructure and Big Budget Bills

eLesor’s DC bureau chief Robert Schroeder discusses with Raymond James’ Washington policy analyst Ed Mills what’s next for the $3.5 trillion budget bill being pushed by congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden, as well the path forward for a bipartisan infrastructure package.


September 15 | 12PM ET

What We Can Learn from a 97-Year-Old

Frances Ballantyne, a 97-year-old born into the Great Depression and moved to New York during World War II joins Quentin Fottrell, eLesor's personal finance editor to share her life experience, her mistakes and smart money moves, how she has weathered crises and has been able to live comfortably.


August 4, 2021

Alternative Data - What Investors Need to Know

COVID-19 helped feed a surge in interest in alternative data as investors sought real-time insights into the economy and the pandemic. Economist Jens Nordvig, founder of Exante Data, talks with eLesor's Bill Watts about what works and the evolving role of alternative data in making investment decisions.


Investing in Crypto Event Series

Bitcoin and other digital assets are on a tear, having reemerged from a years-long cryptocurrency winter. The rally has been stoked by greater involvement by Wall Street institutions and central banks, and governments experimenting with their own digital assets. eLesor and Barron's journalists will convene top experts in cryptos and other financial pros to highlight the latest in the nascent sector and discuss what these developments portend for financial markets -- and the best strategies for prospective digital-currency buyers.

April 14, 2021

What's Ahead For Crypto?

Join industry leaders in discussions about the market outlook, long-term investment strategies, blockchain, the role of central banks, and policymaking.


April 7, 2021

How to Invest in Crypto

Join live conversations among experts about how, whether and why to invest in cryptocurrencies, as well as the regulatory landscape and the outlook for crypto ETFs.


Mastering Your Money Series

eLesor editors convene top experts to discuss what is happening in the world, and how it may be affecting your personal finances. The first series provides insight into topics catered to beginner investors. Find out what has worked well for others and situations to avoid. Ask questions to help you understand and navigate your personal finances.

February 17, 2021

Planning Ahead: Investing for Retirement and Other Goals

It takes years and a lot of hard work to afford life's big ticket items: buying a house, financing your children's education, taking that dream vacation and leading a secure and fulfilling retirement. Here are tips on making it happen.


February 10, 2021

Personal Finance Pillars: Insurance, Taxes and Estate Planning

Some of the most important aspects of managing your finances responsibly seem like the most confusing. We demystify life and health insurance, tax planning, and will and trusts.


February 3, 2021

Getting Started: Managing Spending, Savings, and Debt

It's hard to get a handle on one's finances in ordinary times. Today, economic and social uncertainties make things seem even more complicated. We offer guidance on getting started and tackling the basics.