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As stock-market bulls keep pushing, watch for these technical levels

The S&P 500 chart is still trending upward and VIX is trending downward.

Stock-market bulls are in control — but what a tight range for the S&P 500

How to protect yourself if S&P support is broken.

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Stock-market ‘internals’ are improving, so stay bullish on the S&P 500

New recommendations: A conditional SPY sell signal plus two buys based on put-call ratios.

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S&P 500’s technical indicators keep flashing green

How to trade the Russell 2000.

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S&P 500 support is being tested, so here’s what to do now

Stock-market internals have been deteriorating, even while S&P 500 made new highs.

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The ultimate bull case for the stock market: It keeps making new highs

“Price is king,” so you have to respect the S&P 500's chart, writes Lawrence G. McMillan.

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The S&P 500 looks strong — but these ‘internals’ are far less positive

This has been the case in the stock market for a while, and it may continue for a while longer.

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This eye-catching divergence in the stock market is a warning against complacency

The S&P 500's core outlook remains bullish.