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The latest headlines from Barron's, America's premier financial magazine

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Giant Pension Sold Marijuana Stocks Canopy, Aurora, and Cronos. Two Stocks It Bought.

British Columbia Investment Management slashed positions in Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, and Cronos Group in the first quarter, and bought up Ma...

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How to Invest in Tomorrow’s Big Tech Trends Today

Jerry Yang, founding partner of AME Cloud Ventures and co-founder of Yahoo!, on biofacturing, smart sensors, and the future of video.


Podcast: Federal Reserve Will Keep Interest Rates Near Zero

The Federal Reserve won’t tighten policy until there is consistent improvement in economic data. New housing starts dip. And the IRS deadline may be delayed.

Podcast: Retail Sales Fell 3% in February

There is new disappointing data from the Commerce Department about retail sales. A chip shortage may cut into auto makers’ profits. And Volkswagen doubles down on electric vehicles.

Podcast: IPOs Raise $102 Billion in 2021

The U.S. is in the middle of the biggest IPO boom since the dot-com bubble. Plus, stocks in steel and diagnostics are on the rise.

Podcast: U.S. Households’ Net Worth Hit $130 Trillion in 2020

U.S. coal exports are dropped in 2020. But private sectors jobs and household net worth are both on the rise.

Podcast: Rents Increased by Only 2% Over the Past Year

Rents had their slowest yearly growth rate since 2011. New business applications are up for the first two months of the year. And global bank dividends payments drop.

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Why the Outdoor Industry Isn’t Expecting a Slowdown Anytime Soon

Even if some consumers return to prepandemic travel habits, they’re taking a newfound interest in the outdoors with them

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6 Agricultural Stocks Poised to Ride Food Prices Higher

Prices of corn, wheat, and other agricultural commodities have been soaring. Yet some agricultural stocks have not been keeping pace. That’s created a buying opportunity.

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April’s Jobs Report Was Awful. Why the Message Is Misleading

The seasonal-adjustment process made the month’s job gains look far worse than they are. Plus, investment-newsletter commentary about infrastructure funds, China’s tech stocks, the Dow Transports, and inflation.

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With a $78 Billion Market Cap, Dogecoin Needs to Be Taken a Little More Seriously

The cryptocurrency lacks the mainstream appeal of Bitcoin, but it still has a substantial online community behind it. And that community may be the basis of new financial markets.

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Rain Therapeutics, Canadian National Railway See Activist Action

Boxer Capital initiated a large stake in biotech firm Rain Therapeutics. Cascade Investments, an investment vehicle for Bill Gates, transferred Canadian National Railway stock to his spouse, Melinda French Gates.

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Tussle Over Covid Vaccine Patents Looks Overblown

Why waiving patents on Covid vaccines won’t hurt companies like Moderna, BioNTech, and Novavax.

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Weed: An American Growth Story

Letters on the U.S. marijuana industry, Federal Reserve liquidity and inflation, Tesla’s full self-driving beta software, crypto concerns, the death of Charles de Vaulx, and financial literacy

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A Chat With the New CEO of Qualcomm— 5G’s Biggest Fan

Qualcomm’s incoming CEO Cristiano Amon is incredibly bullish on the future. Here’s how he thinks 5G could change the world.

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Imagining the Next 100 Years in Business, Science, and Investing

From synthetic biology to space travel to cryptocurrencies, our investment experts scope out the near and distant future. How investors can prepare for the changes ahead.

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It Took a While, But Buffett Confirms: He Has a Successor

It took a slip from Charlie Munger, but Greg Abel, 58, a Canadian who ran the highly successful Berkshire Hathaway Energy, then all the noninsurance businesses, looks like the one. Still other questions remain, like who wi...

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Thematic ETFs Invest in the Hottest Areas of the Market. How to Avoid Getting Burned

Thematic ETFs invest in a narrow array of companies that will benefit from a long-term social trend or technological innovation. But their popularity has made them increasingly confusing—and potentially dangerous.

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Seagate Remakes Itself for the Cloud

For 40 years, the hard-drive maker has faced doubt from investors. Thanks to the cloud, the company is once again defying skeptics.

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Some of Barron’s Biggest Hits—and Misses—Over the Past Century

Over the past 100 years, Barron’s mission has been to steer readers toward profitable opportunities, and away from sketchy ones. Here are some of our biggest hits—and misses.

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What We Learned From 100 Years of the Trader Column

Through good times and bad, our Trader columnists have helped investors make sense of the market.

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Movie-Theater Stocks Leap Despite Quarterly Losses

Shares of Cinemark Holdings and AMC Entertainment both jumped as investors look ahead to the summer movie season.

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A Best Buy CEO on What It Takes to Fix a Struggling Retailer

Retail spending is booming, despite supply constraints. But is this a real retail turnaround or a postpandemic blip? We consult Best Buy fixer-upper Hubert Joly on the art of the turnaround.

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Barron’s 100th Anniversary: Looking Ahead and Behind

In this collection, you’ll find not just highlights of the past century but also a look forward into what the next decades will bring.

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April’s Weak Jobs Report Says We’re Overstimulated

Economists called Friday’s weaker-than-expected jobs report puzzling and some said it should be ignored altogether as it is incongruent with other signs of a humming economy. But perhaps it’s a sign that too much stimulus ...

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Week’s Best: How GameStop Delivered a Surprise Windfall for One Wealth Manager

Here’s a roundup of the week’s top stories at Barron’s Advisor.

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Timeline: How the Dow Did Over the Last 100 Years.

From Remington Typewriter to Apple, from the Great Depression to the post Covid-19 recovery, here are the companies and events that have shaped the ups and downs of the Dow over the last 100 years.