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The latest headlines from Barron's, America's premier financial magazine

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Ride the Healthcare Rally

With the Delta variant of coronavirus shaking things up, the healthcare sector has started gaining momentum.

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This Market Is Sturdier Than the Tech Selloff Suggests

Big Tech took a tumble on lower guidance, sending the stock market down. But the market of stocks is doing just fine, thanks, as plenty of smaller ...

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Battle Royale in Closed-End Funds Could Help—and Harm—Investors. What to Know.

Congress is aiming to rewrite the rules on fund holdings and ownership, in part to discourage activist investors. How shareholders could win—and lose.

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Intel’s New CEO Vows to Move Faster. Will It Help the Stock?

Under new leadership, Intel is working to recapture its past glory in chip making. Bulls and bears are split on its chances of success.

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Big Tech Earnings Sparkled—Now the Shine May Be Fading

E-commerce is slowing, and the furious shopping spree for home offices and virtual schooling is probably coming to an end.

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Value In a Challenged Sector

Letters on the travel and leisure sector, Constellation Software’s compensation structure, annuities, Robinhood, Evoqua Water Technologies, and inflation

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Dole Drops in IPO. 7 Biotechs Went Public, Too.

Dole stock opened at $15 and closed at $14.52, down more than 9% from the offer price. That makes the IPO a so-called broken deal.

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Amazon Stock Gets Crushed After Earnings Beat. It's No Big Deal.

Amazon stock is dropping after beating earnings estimates, something that happens quite frequently. Why earnings reports are rarely thesis-changing.

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Tech Stocks Lead Market Lower in Final Trading Day of July

The Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index—which follows U.S.-listed Chinese tech—tumbled 20% this month.

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S&P 500 Dividend Yield Is Now at a 20-Year Low of 1.3%

The paltry current yield reflects the dividend dearth in the broad market indexes.

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Apple Sells $6.5 Billion of Notes, Taking Advantage of Low Interest Rates

The debt offering has four parts, including $2.3 billion of 7-year notes and $1.4 billion of 40-year notes.

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Robo-Advisor Wealthfront Offers Bitcoin and Ethereum Exposure

The robo-advisor rolled out access to the Grayscale Bitcoin and Ethereum Trusts across its client base, which totals more than 450,000 clients and $26 billion in assets.

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Two Chip Stocks: One Soared, One Tanked. Here's Why.

KLA has sold out of its chip-making equipment and issued a bullish forecast. Chip maker Skyward Solutions had results that just topped expectations and gave guidance that didn't wow.

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Great Escapes: Experience Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Oasis at Qasr Al Sarab

The sprawl of desert offers off-the-grid adventure and traditional Emirati culture

Proxy Season Is Winding Down, but Activist Opportunities Still Abound

Deal making is running full-steam ahead even as annual meetings are wrapping up. Activists may be backlogged for a while.

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Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider Bought More Anthem Stock

Anthem stock has kept pace with the market, and director Ryan Schneider bought a large block of shares. Schneider is CEO of real estate brokerage Realogy.

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Budweiser Parent's Shares Are Tumbling Again. Here's Why.

Analysts are mixed on Anheuser-Busch InBev following a strong earnings report but flat guidance. ADRs are tumbling for a second day.

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This Biotech Start-Up Hopes to Fix a Key Shortcoming of Gene Therapies

Ring Therapeutics hopes it can provide gene therapies with a second act.

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How Contagious Is the Delta Variant? A New CDC Study Sheds Light.

Vaccines still offer strong protection against symptoms: over 97% of patients hospitalized for Covid these days hadn't gotten the shots.

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Recruiting, M&A Lift LPL Financial to Record Quarter

Advisor hiring efforts brought in $35 billion in assets, more than triple the figure from a year ago, the company says.

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Tesla's Battery Fire Actually Shows It Is More Than a Car Company

Tesla appears to have suffered a setback in its stationary power business after a fire in Australia.

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Timeshare Recovery Picks Up on Strong Leisure Demand. Delta Variant Is Wild Card

Travel + Leisure, Marriott Vacations, and Hilton Grand see positive customer booking trends and have so far held up amid concerns of a Covid resurgence