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If Biden wants his progressive policies to be popular and long-lasting, he should heed these lessons from FDR, Obama and the conservative countermovement

Successful policies have to be designed to create supportive political dynamics as well as to produce the desired changes in society, writes Jacob Hacker.

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‘What, do you think deer are wearing Kevlar vests?’ — Biden gets colorful in calling for gun control

President Joe Biden on Wednesday night puts the image of wildlife wearing body armor into Americans' heads, as he continues to make his arguments for gun control.

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The word ‘jobs’ appeared more than 40 times in Biden’s first speech to Congress

Joe Biden had a clear message in his first speech to Congress as president: I'll get you a job.

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Biden pitches families plan, infrastructure and calls on wealthy to pay ‘fair share’ in first speech to Congress: live blog and video

President Joe Biden gives his first big speech to Congress on Wednesday night, in a State-of-the-Union-style address in which he’ll make the case to voters for his newly unveiled safety-net and education proposals.

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Biden’s first speech to Congress: full text

Here is the text of President Joe Biden’s speech, as prepared for delivery to Congress on Wednesday night, as released by the White House.

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Biden’s capital-gains tax hike is his fourth hit on the rich

These higher taxes could ding innovation and productivity.

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Joe and Jill Biden to visit Carters in Plains during Georgia trip this week

President Jimmy Carter, 96, and wife Rosalynn, 93, missed Biden's inauguration because of the ongoing pandemic.

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No mask required ‘if you’re fully vaccinated, and you’re outdoors, and not in a big crowd,’ Biden says

President Joe Biden's remarks come shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to wear masks at small outdoor gatherings.

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All of President Biden’s key executive orders — in one chart

As people and markets around the world adjust to having Joe Biden as U.S. president, a key factor is what the veteran Democratic politician aims to accomplish without having to work with Congress.

White House responds to Thursday's stock-market drop: 'It went back up this morning'

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday offered a response to the U.S. stock market's drop on Thursday, which was widely attributed to reports that the Biden administration was considering a hike in capital-gains t...

Biden to visit U.K., Belgium in June for first overseas travel

President Joe Biden plans to travel to the U.K. and Belgium in June for his first overseas trips since taking office, the White House said Friday. He plans to attend a G7 summit in Cornwall on June 11-13 and then take part...

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Senate Republicans’ opening infrastructure bid: $568 billion

A group of Senate Republicans laid down their marker in the infrastructure debate in Washington on Thursday, unveiling in broad terms a plan to spend $568 billion over five years on roads, bridges, highways, broadband and ...

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Government policies segregated America, and we could harness that same force to reverse the damage

Blatantly discriminatory housing policies were the basis of our current inequality in wealth, education, jobs, health and justice.

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Biden pledges to cut U.S. greenhouse gases 50% by 2030 — with major implications for oil and gas sector

President Biden on Thursday will pledge to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions at least in half by the end of the decade, the White House said, an ambitious goal that climate analysts say can be met only by sharply cutting b...

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Biden deploys tax credits for businesses to encourage paid time off for vaccinations, as goal of 200 million shots achieved

President Joe Biden on Wednesday urges all employers to give their workers paid time off to get their COVID-19 vaccine shots, while also saying his administration has achieved its goal of administering 200 million doses in...

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Bank of America, Boeing, Pfizer, Qualcomm among companies that gave $1 million to Biden’s inauguration

Big publicly traded companies from the defense and tech sectors were among the organizations that donated the maximum allowed amount of $1 million to President Joe Biden's inauguration committee, according to a new disclos...

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‘This can be a moment of significant change’: Biden, Harris call on Congress to act on police reform after Chauvin verdict

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris said the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial can be a moment of "significant change" for the U.S., even as work remains on reforming the nation's law-enforcement s...

Biden suggests evidence 'overwhelming' in Chauvin trial

President Joe Biden on Tuesday addressed the murder case against former police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, confirming that he called Floyd's family after the jury was sequestered. "I'm praying the v...

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Biden holds fresh round of bipartisan infrastructure talks as Republicans eye smaller package

President Joe Biden held a fresh round of talks with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Monday as he and Republicans clash over the scope and size of an infrastructure proposal.

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Democrats’ desire to fast-track infrastructure bill could run into a familiar foe — the Senate parliamentarian

Using the budget reconciliation process to speed President Joe Biden's infrastructure bill through Congress with only Democratic votes will pose new procedural and political hurdles that the party avoided in their earlier...