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16 short-squeeze targets in the stock market, including Canoo, Tootsie Roll and a prison operator

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The housing market is so crazy, this $600,000 ‘horror’ is drawing multiple cash offers

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I’m 62, unemployed, living off my savings and waiting on Social Security — ‘Can I go fishing for the next 25 years and forget about work?’

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Biden touts 300 million COVID shots in his first 150 days

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Krispy Kreme IPO: 5 things to know about the doughnut maker before it goes public

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The secret to getting ‘effectively free money’ — up to $150 — to spend on whatever you like on Amazon Prime Day

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The new cruise ship rulebook: What to know about booking a trip, getting on board, and other changes

Some people who enjoy cruising remain leery, but many others are eager to set sail. Here are some tips from the experts on what to expect.

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30 yr fixed Jumbo 3.19%
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30 yr fixed refi 3.23%
15 yr fixed refi 2.49%
5/1 ARM 3.20%
5/1 ARM refi 3.39%
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5 yr CD 0.45%
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MMA $50K+ 0.14%
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